Dear HMN member,

MotionBox is a big project and I currently focus on torrent streaming and video downloading.

Maybe you've read "What is MotionBox" and "What does it stand for" and you're interested in contributing !

Here is a quick guide to get your development version running:

1. Get Qt 4.8.x.
2. Download the third party requirements.
Note: to make it easy on Windows here is an archive with everything you need.
3. Build Sky kit.
4. Build MotionBox.

They are many important features you could help with.

Here is the short list (23/9/2016):

- Add Linux and OS-X support.
Note: miotatsu is currently working on it for arch linux. I'm looking for someone to build it and maintain it on ubuntu.

- Update Sky kit to Qt Quick 2.0.

- Update WBackendVLC to the latest VLC opengl implementation.

- Implement the subtitles with the VLC API.

- Add the audio device selection in the settings.

- Add Windows Aero snap.

- Implement the translation system.

- Add unit testing for Sky kit and MotionBox.

- Write documentation for Sky kit.

Note: Authors names / nicknames appear in the AUTHORS file.

Don't hesitate to propose a contribution on something else.

- Contribute to Sky kit:

- Contribute to MotionBox:

A few people are already happy about MotionBox. Together we can make make it fantastic.

Any thought or question ? Just post it down here !