Dear HMN community,

MotionBox is a big project built for the community. It's Free Software dedicated to user freedom. It's a tool that puts your interests first and gives you full control at any time. It will never spy on you, force advertising or push a preroll of any kind. It lets you play videos instead of being played. Feel free to browse the code to double check on it.

Beyond that, it's a Distributist Software: Free Software built for sharing. Sharing comes first in my heart and I refuse to make a profit on something abundant. Consequently, I will not apply artificial scarcity on it for the sake of profit. I recognize that its abundant state calls for sharing. I'm currently accepting donation on Patreon, but everybody will get the same software no matter what. It's up to you to decide whether you support me or not.

I've invested many years and resources on MotionBox because I believe in Motion Freedom. People stood for human rights and democracy, I stand for Motion Freedom ("Liberté Médiatique" in french). Being private, centralized and asymmetrical I find Mass Media to be a major threat in our modern society. That's why I believe we should fight for an open, decentralized and symmetrical Video Network. MotionBox is a first step towards that, bringing video browsing to the table. That's a beginning and many things remains to be done.

That being said, I want to make a clear distinction between my ethical view and the technical proposition itself.
Maybe you agree with my views or maybe you just want an efficient video browser.

In any case I'll be more than happy to accept your contributions :-) !

Any though or reaction ? Let me know down here !