I've just pushed MotionBox 1.1.2 on omega.gg.

It includes an improved interface, a fast startup and wide search bars.
I've also made a few fixes and improvements: check the changelog here.
If you haven't, now is a great time to run your first video browser: http://omega.gg/MotionBox/get.

MotionBox is still a young project... So what's next ?

Well, I'm working on a torrent implementation. I'm *quite* close from having something functional.
Also, I want to integrate a video downloader. Just like the one in your web browser but for ...
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What is MotionBox ?

Benjamin Arnaud  — 6 months ago
MotionBox is now on the Handmade network, that's really cool and all... But what *is* MotionBox exactly ?

That's a tough question to answer. Mostly because MotionBox is a true innovation: something unique and new.

It's not like "Google video" nor a "Youtube" desktop application.
In fact I cannot define it with a comparison to what already exists.

It's a Video Browser, a software designed to access and traverse videos on the Internet.
Sounds abstract ? Let me give you analogy: it's a browser that accesses videos directly instead of webpages.

More importantly it's Free Software ...
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